Sunday, 19 April 2015

Factions: Bastonian Security Force

The Bastonian Security Forces (BSF) were founded, in their modern form, in 1982. It was created from a merger of the border guard and the gendermarie (despite the BSF being, essentially, a gendermarie).

They act as a paramilitary within the borders of Bastonia and the contested area of Bacravia, where the residents are extremely hostile. There are currently 500 individuals within this elite force, 100 to each region of the country. 

The BSF bolster the numbers of the everyday police force, who are unarmed, due to an increase in Militia and Seperatist activity. They have seen most of their combat in the capital city of Saint Michael's, against Militia forces.

As far as equipment goes, they have 5 active BTR-80s. Their small arms consist of AK47s and P9RC handguns, made in Hungary, one of Bastonia's neighbouring countries. Members of the BSF are noticeable for their blue urban camoflauge uniforms, with matching Castro caps.

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